Design an effective and structured onboarding in 3 steps

Onboarding made easy

A well-designed and easily accessible onboarding program is an important piece of the puzzle in the employee experience. A digital program gives a professional welcome to all your new employees – even before the first day. A successful introductory experience engages from the beginning and will not only strengthen your employer brand it will create higher productivity, performance and commitment.

Create your onboarding journey in 3 easy steps


First step is to go through your expectations and priorities. We create consensus around the vision for the effort and specify goals. We start from existing material such as checklists, intranet, employee handbook and identify what needs to be created or updated. Together, we build a basic structure based on the company's culture and values.


Based on best practices we will help you create the right structure and user flow for your pre- & onboarding journey. We highlight your strengths, values and focus areas through mixed learning, which means theory, practical exercises, films, knowledge tests etc. We create an appealing content in the program that strengthens your business and what you stand for.

Take off

Your onboarding program is ready, and you have invested in the most important thing you have - your employees! Relieved managers get more time to coach, and you have increased the efficiency of your new hire’s first weeks. You’re ready to invite new employees to your next level onboarding!

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