5 reasons to secure the onboarding of new employees

Reasons to have an onboarding that really works

Relieve your managers

Relieve your managers Do your managers have time for a structured and well-prepared onboarding? A well-defined and easily available onboarding process will relieve your managers and give more time to focus on their daily operations. It will also give them more time to coach and be present for their new employees.

Give an unforgettable learning experience

All your new employees will have the same opportunities to start with. What you need to highlight can be repeated and no important parts of the introduction will be missed. Nothing is left to chance.

Quickly up to speed

A well-functioning onboarding should contribute to defined roles, expectations and responsibilities. The correct information should be delivered to the right person at the right time. This is the key to building your new employees’ confidence and abilities. It will give them the possibility to quickly get up to speed and create value.

Strengthen your brand

Being professionally and genuinely welcomed prior to the first day. Share interesting content to keep your new hires engaged and eliminate potential worries and stress. All of this will give you positive responses and strengthen your brand as an employer.

A window of opportunities

There is a short window of time when your new employee has the opportunity to be introduced to your company culture in the right way. You have the chance to help your new hires to do things right from the start and to live up to expectations.

Strategies for Onboarding Success

Upgrading your onboarding strategy is key to retaining the talent you hire. Knowing what your new employees need, is a good start. Having a checklist or an e-learning is a step in the right direction. But what makes your onboarding successful is a combination of the following:
• Keep your new hire engaged by onboarding before their first day.
• A clear picture of the results you want to achieve and make sure to follow up on an ongoing basis.
• Help new employees understand what success looks like and what’s expected of them.
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of employees have a positive attitude towards their employer prior to their first day
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are positive or very positive working in their Induction program
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of managers experience that their new employees are better prepared and quicker up to speed

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Onboarding millennials
will require change

In the 21st century – millennials will represent 60% of all employees in the workforce. This will set new requirements regarding a well-functioning onboarding process. Motivating your employees to stay and develop at your company will be even more important. Millenials want to be involved and influence. They want to feel commitment where values, openness and feedback are important. Above all, they have embraced technology and require digital communication. A structured onboarding strategy will be required to meet the new criteria, involving both digitalization and manager involvement prior to a new employee’s first working day.

3 pillars of onboarding


Let your new employees get to know their new workplace. It is important to feel at home in your new work environment. This can be endorsed in many ways and ought to be integrated within your onboarding process.


Routines and assignments that the employee will be required to go through at the workplace. It’s actually required “to do” something. Practice can sometimes be combined with theory.


Information and documents that everyone at the company needs to know and have been supplied with. For example:
- Contracts
- Policies
- Safety regulations
- Benefits

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