Let us develop your onboarding together

Onboarding is not just a checklist

An good onboarding is an excellent investment! It is the most important opportunity to correctly integrate the new employee to your company culture. It is the opportunity to guarantee your employees success in the long term. The opportunity to offer what is needed to create a positive commitment, desire and result.

We are onboarding experts.

Our focus is to always make the onboarding program the best learning journey the employee has ever experienced. Our aggregated experience when it comes to education, training, communication and leadership makes us an excellent team of onboarding specialists. We are onboarding experts. Let’s turn you into an onboarding expert as well.


More than 85% completion rate

Employees last year


Tailored to your organization

3 steps

3 steps is all that it takes to create an onboarding that will make your employees committed, quickly up to speed and it will relief time from your managers.

STEP 1 – What, how and why, tailored to your organization - free of charge
STEP 2 – Your onboarding - a structured welcome
STEP 3 – Follow up and completion

More than 14000 employees put through successful onboarding last year.

Willys onboarding

When Willys started their pilot with Induction for their 700 summer temps in 2017 they wanted to see if they could put a value to the results. In this case, you can read about how to easily set a few measurable goals and how Willys followed up and evaluated their results.


Biljardpalatset in central Gothenburg is an oasis for food enthusiasts that enjoy playing pool and shuffleboard. Listen to Biljardpalatsets HR Manager and his experiences working with Induction and the journey from start to finish delivering the onboarding program.

Digitalize your onboarding

Secure your onboarding long term by digitalization. With a web-based onboarding program, improvements and updates are easily managed. Statistics and feedback will give you the data needed for necessary improvements. Everything is available for both managers and employees. It will create clarity, assurance and make the onboarding process much easier.


Together, we’ll make it easy