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We have competence and experience together with our sister companies

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We have extensive experience and broad expertise in learning and competence development. Together we are an unbeatable team to drive behavior in desired direction.


We have our origins in the training industry and specialize in helping our customers design digital training- and onboarding programs and heavy information packages to provide the effect and results that are sought. Induction has extensive experience of working with the entire process, from identifying business needs to a complete solution. We create learning journeys and achieve results through behavior change.

Learning platform

Promote International AB is a digital learning platform for competence development, which is based on proven methods for effective training and information dissemination. They support organizations and companies around the world, in achieving their goals and being able to measure the impact. Induction uses Promote as learning platform to build learning journeys in our onboarding programs and digital trainings.

Leadership Development

Mindset AB is one of Sweden's largest training companies. For over 20 years, they have helped managers with change management, crisis management and leadership with successful results. Mindset delivers effective training programs that help organizations achieve their objectives. They create a common understanding among all leaders in the organization and connect strategy with culture and structure.

Our methodology - High Performance Learning Journeys ®

The HPLJ-methodology is based on Professor Robert Brinkerhoff’s hands-on research on training participants and their managers for the last 40 years – determining what actually works, and what doesn’t. The HPLJ-methodology has proven to reduce time spent on training, increasing purposeful deployment of digital solutions as well as creating long lasting behavior change. The HPLJ learning design methodology rests on the principle idea that in order to deliver sustained performance improvements over time any learning initiative must include four core elements: Commit to the journey – Participants must be engaged enough to want to make a change Build the knowledge foundation – Participants must know and understand enough to be able to meaningfully practice the desired skills
Practice and develop skills – Participants must be given the opportunity to practice new skills in a sheltered environment AND be given feedback with an opportunity to reflect Strengthen results – Participants must be given the opportunity and direction to deepen their and skills to the point where they can take responsibility for their own performance development When combining the four core elements, you’ll create a sustainable learning journey. HPLJ is used by companies and organizations around the world, where the focus area is training and organizational development, within, for example, HR or Learning and Development.

Award-winning learning platform

By using a learning platform that is designed for competence development. We create a digital learning journey that guides the participant step by step, in a simple and engaging way. We involve the participant’s manager, measure progress and goal fulfillment to create behavioral changes. It is easy to measure results at individual, team and organizational level. The participant can log in from all digital devices with a personal view of their onboarding and other training.

Best Advance in Learning Management Technology – Promote International AB

Best New Hire Onboarding Program – Induction AB & Willys AB

Best Learning Program Supporting a Change Transformation Business Strategy – Induction AB, Mindset AB & Stena Recycling AB

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