Together, we’ll make it easy

Our expertise and unique way of working will lay the groundwork. Together, we’ll ensure that your new employees are quickly up to speed and can start creating value for both your organization and your clients.

Synergies that will strengthen your onboarding

We tailor your onboarding together with you. According to your needs and your knowledge about your organization combined with our expertise. Your new employees won’t feel unsure about what is expected as it is clearly outlined. It will give the new employees the possibility to take responsibility or their own onboarding process with coaching from their manager and support from us. We visualize the employees progress towards your goals. We will also give you early indications if the expectations aren’t met to give you the possibility to provide the support needed.


A process with 3 steps. From our first meeting to the actual onboarding of your new employee

3 steps is all that is needed to create the onboarding that will get your new employee committed, quickly up to speed and it will also relieve stress from your managers and buy them more time. 

STEP 1 – What, how and why, tailored to your organization – free of charge
Our working method is based upon our knowledge regarding what is needed to make an onboarding really work. How should an onboarding look to really work at your organization?
STEP 2 – Your onboarding - a structured welcome
We will together create an onboarding that is built and tailored to your organization. Much of the material that will be included is already available. Your contribution to the building process will be your knowledge and experiences from your organization. Your routines, challenges, and possibilities. We will design a structure that will make it easy for your new employees to learn. It will make your managers role regarding the onboarding much easier and it will give you all the information needed att all different steps in the onboarding process. 
STEP 3 – Follow up and completion
We take great responsibility regarding follow ups when it comes to the progress of your new employees. We support your new employees during the onboarding process through communication directly with the employee and also with their managers when needed. You will receive feedback, reports and recommendations regarding what eventually is needed, and we will give you a complete overview of the onboarding process and the ongoing activities.

Your ”branding”

The content of the onboarding program will be tailored to your organization and needs. All the material, routines and information that is necessary for your employees to get to know is your material. The further the feeling of your organization and your brand, the program can be “branded” with your logotype and your colors.

More than 14000 employees put through successful onboarding last year

A more effective and accessible onboarding with Induction.


A more effective and efficient onboarding process

We help customers to shorten the time for their onboarding programs while at the same time increasing the knowledge base. We design to deliver the right information to the right person at the right time. By combining theoretical and practical assignments, we make the knowledge transformation much more effective which in turn will get the new employee more productive much faster.

A complete onboarding

The onboarding program will be built according to your material, documents, e-learnings, and with links to your intranet. This will create a process tailored to your organization and employees. You have the knowledge regarding what is needed to make your onboarding complete. We make sure to create a structure and a process that is accessible and clear.

Focus on the assignment

We will make the employee responsible and committed to the onboarding process. The manager has a responsibility to coach, encourage and support the new employee. Well-designed and elaborate activities will keep the focus on what should be done. It will also give real meaning to the onboarding.

Early indications if the onboarding's not going to plan

The process is clear and easy to understand. Both employees and managers know what’s expected of them. Our unique way of following up gives you all the information you need regarding the onboarding process. It will give you early indicators if something’s not going to plan and support in terms of prioritizing and suggestions for improvements and solutions.

Committed employees

Your new employees will be given the best possible start by being invited to the onboarding program before their first day. The first part of the onboarding program will focus on giving the new employees what is needed to genuinely make them feel welcome. This will increase their feeling of belonging and their future commitment.

Assist your managers

Colleagues can function as mentors and have an active role throughout the onboarding. It will create a safe environment and the new employees will get to know their colleagues and key persons within the team. Roles, responsibilities and expectations are clearly set and a collective commitment will assist the manager and strengthen the company culture.


Ready to get started? Let us do it together!